Grading Scale

                A = 100% - 90%

                B = 89% - 80%

                C = 79% - 70%

                D = 69% - 60%

                F = 59% - 50%

Semester Grade

                Quarter grade   40%

                Quarter grade   40%

                Semester Exam 20%


English 6

Mathematics 6

Reading 6              

Science 6

P.E. / Computer Literacy


  • Band

  • Orchestra

  • Art


English 7

Mathematics 7

Reading 7

U.S. Hist. / NV Hist. 7

Science 7


  • Band

  • Jazz Band*

  • Leadership*

  • Orchestra

  • Art

  • Drama

  • Publications*

  • Video Broadcasting*


English 8

Pre-Algebra / Algebra

World Geography 8

Science 8

P.E. / Health


  • Band

  • Jazz Band*

  • Leadership*

  • Orchestra

  • Art

  • Drama

  • Publications*

  • Video Broadcasting*

  • Media Technology

  • Student Aide*

2019-2020 Student/Parent Handbook


This information has been carefully prepared to help you adjust to our school and to become an integral part of Burkholder Middle School. The Burkholder staff is committed and prepared to help you have a successful middle school experience.


Table of Contents: 

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Attendance Policy

Unapproved Absences / Retention

Make-Up Work from an absence

Tardy Policy

Closed Campus


Visitors on Campus


Grading Policy


Burkholder's Mission Statement


RPC (Required Parent Conference)

Habitual Disciplinary Problem



Dress Code

Hands-Off Policy

Public Displays of Affection

Honor Code

Emergency Procedures

Fire Drills

Shelter-In-Place Drills

Emergency Evacuation Drills

Health Office

General Information


Extracurricular Activities

Bicycles / Skateboards / Scooters / Rollerblades

Cellular Phones

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)


Parent / Teacher Communication

Counselor Services

Nuisance Items

Fundraising and Sales

Jaguar Student Store

Musical Instruments

Homework Policy

Retake Policy

Late Work Policy



Conduct for School Bus Riders

Bus Behavior Infractions / Consequences

Late Bus


Free and Reduced Lunch Program

Student Recognition



2019-2020 Student/Parent Handbook




One of the most important responsibilities of each parent is to ensure their child attends school every day. Providing written documentation for your child when they are absent is another responsibility of every parent. State Law requires that students turn in absence notes to the attendance office no later than 3 days after the absence. After 3 days, the absence is automatically deemed unexcused.  When a student between the ages of 7 and 17 is absent from school without a valid excuse or did not secure prior permission for the absence, the absence is deemed unapproved or unexcused. In accordance with state law, unexcused (unapproved) absences may be declared truancies. (NRS.392.130)


A Parent / Guardian note to excuse an absence should include the following information:


  • The student’s first and last name

  • The student’s ID number

  • The date(s) of absence

  • The date of the note

  • The reason the student was unable to attend school

  • The parent/guardian name and signature


CCSD Regulation 5135.1 Absence – Any student absent from class on the day of an activity will not be permitted participation that day or evening unless an excuse has been granted, in advance, by the principal.



According to Clark County School District regulation 5113, if your son/daughter accumulates 3 or more unexcused absences, a truancy notice will be issued. Truancy notices will be issued on the 3rd, 5th, and 7th unexcused absence. The third truancy notice will result in a notice to law enforcement and a citation will be issued from law enforcement. A truancy citation can also result in fines of $100.00 or more, a court appearance, community service, and/or suspension of the student’s driver’s license or future privilege of obtaining one.


Students who have ten or more unapproved absences from one class, will receive a failing grade in that class and can be retained at their current grade level.


MAKE-UP WORK from absence

After any absence, the student is required to initiate contact with his/her teachers to obtain appropriate make-up work within three school days directly following the absence.  Once contact has been made with the teachers, the student will have three days to make up work for the absence as per CCSD Regulation 5113.



If you arrive late to school, report to the Dean’s Office to sign in and be issued an admit pass.  Two parent notes will be accepted per semester for an excused tardy.  Late arrivals, after the first two, will only be excused with a medical or emergency excuse.  Seldom, if ever, is it necessary for anyone to be tardy, therefore most tardies are unexcused.  Unexcused tardies will result in disciplinary actions.  The school-wide tardy policy will be enforced by all staff. A student is considered tardy when not inside the classroom when the bell rings.


First Tardy – Warning

Second Tardy – Teacher / Parent Conference

Third Tardy – 1 day Teacher Detention

Fourth Tardy – 2 days Teacher Detention

Fifth Tardy – In House Suspension (IHS)

Sixth Tardy – Required Parent Conference (RPC) – Parent will be required to come to school and conference with the Dean.

Seventh or More Tardy – Discipline action that may include IHS, RPC, or Suspension


Students caught in a Tardy Lock Out are subject to further disciplinary action that may include parent-check-in, Dean’s detention, In House Suspension, and Suspension.



Students are NOT allowed to leave campus without checking out with the Dean’s Office and obtaining a Passport.  All CCSD middle schools operate as a CLOSED CAMPUS which means that students may not leave the campus without obtaining permission from and officially signing out from the office.  Any student leaving campus during school hours without a passport will be considered TRUANT.



Students providing a written request from a parent/guardian to leave the campus during school hours will receive a PASSPORT.  The written request must be brought to the Dean’s Office before the first class in the morning.  The student will be released only when the parent comes to the Dean’s Office to sign him/her out after providing picture identification.  An approved passport from the Attendance Office or Health Office is needed to leave campus. 



 All visitors are required to check in at the main office immediately upon arrival on campus. Any student from another campus or any person (minor or adult) who fails to properly identify themselves to school personnel will be subject to arrest for violation of Nevada Revised Statutes and County Ordinance. Students from Burkholder Middle School giving false information concerning visitors are subject to disciplinary action. Parents or other guests wishing to visit with a classroom teacher must make the request in advance of 24 hour notice. Visitors meeting with a teacher should sign in and wait in the main office until the teacher or other school personnel are available to escort them to their meeting place. Senate Bill 287 requires that CCSD representatives/volunteers have cleared background checks through Human Resources prior to beginning service as a volunteer. Mannion Middle School will require volunteers to meet the guidelines outlined in CCSD policy. 





Clark County School District Policy and Regulation 5123 – Promotion, Retention, Demotion of Students, sets the standards for promotion from each grade level. Under the provisions of this policy and regulation, a sixth or seventh grade student may be retained at that grade for no more than one year and an eighth grade student may be retained for more than one year.

  • Students currently enrolled in Grade 6 must complete one semester of mathematics, science, and one semester of Language Arts with passing grades for promotion to Grade 7.

  • Students currently enrolled in Grade 7 must complete one semester of mathematics, science, social studies, and one semester of Language Arts with passing grades for promotion to Grade 8.

  • Students currently enrolled in Grade 8 must complete three semesters of mathematics and three semesters of Language Arts, with passing grades during the seventh and eighth grade years for promotion to high school. Additionally, eighth grade students must complete two semesters of science and two semesters of social studies with passing grades during the seventh and eighth grade years for promotion to high school.





Quarter Grade:

Summative Assessment = 80%

The goal of summative assessment is to evaluate student learning at the end of an instructional unit based on standards and benchmarks.

Formative Assessments = 20%

These are assignments and assessments which students are working towards mastery or proficiency on a content standard.  Such assignments include: homework, in-class participation (engagement), and class work.


Minimum F Policy:

Quarter and Semester Exam grades below 50% will be adjusted to 50% when calculating the final Semester grade.









CCSD Middle School Curriculum


> Fees may apply to some courses                                                                           * Application or Audition Required


If a student is performing below grade level in math or reading, the student’s elective may be substituted for a fundamentals course.



Burkholder Middle School focuses on being an exemplary learning community built on the foundation that all students can learn through rigorous academics, meaningful relationships, and effective communication.  We challenge students to advocate for themselves to become lifelong learners, inspire a love for learning, and utilize technology in today’s world.  




Safety of our students is of utmost importance to the staff of Burkholder Middle School.  We are committed to a standard of zero tolerance for anti-social behavior and will work to ensure that all students come to school in a safe and nurturing environment.  The following guidelines will be followed to help ensure a safe and orderly campus. 



A student who has been placed on RPC may be sent home after contact is made with the parent.  They may be allowed to finish the school day in the In-House Suspension room depending on the nature of the problem.  Once an RPC has been issued, the student is not to return to the campus until a conference has been held and a reinstatement pass has been issued to the student.  The parent/guardian must call the Dean’s Office within two (2) school days to arrange for a parent conference.  If a conference has not been scheduled and the school has attempted to contact the parent to schedule a conference, absences beyond the three (3) days will be unexcused and truancy procedures will begin.


Habitual Disciplinary Problem Law (NRS 392.4655)

When a student is deemed Habitual Disciplinary Problem, the law requires that the student must be suspended or expelled from all CCSD schools for a period of at least one semester (18 weeks).  Nevada law states that a student shall be deemed Habitual Discipline if in one school year:

  • A student has threatened or extorted or attempted to threaten or extort another student, teacher, or other personnel employed by the school.

  • A student has been suspended for initiating two fights on school property.

  • A student has a record of five (5) suspensions from school for any reason.




Physical abuse directed in a school employee.


Physical abuse to any student with significant injury where a clear imbalance of power has been established.


Possession of any weapon as defined in CCSD regulations. Students should note that any gun that fires a projectile, even metal or plastic BB’s, is considered a gun. Additionally, firecrackers, cherry bombs, etc. are considered explosives. Students are not to bring things like pocket knives, box cutters, or other sharp and dangerous objects to school. 


Possession, use, distribution, sharing, or sale of any form or amount of drugs (prescribed, over the counter, or illegal) or alcoholic beverages.




We are committed to a standard of zero tolerance for activities involving gangs.  The following are prohibited:

> Gang-related hand signs, rosaries, gestures, or actions that may be related to gang activity.

> Gang writing – gang style writing on their person, personal property or school property.

> Wearing clothing in a gang-related fashion is prohibited. (Examples: Sagging, baggy pants, leaving suspenders or belts/straps hanging down, chains hanging from pockets, rubber bands around ankles, and wearing studded jewelry.) Students may not wear items deemed gang affiliated by law enforcement.


Possession of any weapon as defined in CCSD regulations. Students should note that any gun that fires a projectile, even metal or plastic BB’s, is considered a gun.  Additionally, firecrackers, cherry bombs, etc. are considered explosives.  Students are not to bring things like pocket knives, box cutters, corkscrews, or other sharp and dangerous objects to school. 


Possession, use, distribution, sharing, or sale of any form or amount of drugs (prescribed, over the counter, or illegal) or alcoholic beverages.


Harassment is any verbal, visual, or physical conduct which is sufficiently severe, persistent, or pervasive that it adversely affects, or has the purpose or logical consequence of interfering with the student’s educational program or creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive school atmosphere.  Any form of bullying will not be tolerated.  Harassment, whether it is by students, staff, or third parties in the school community, is strictly prohibited: CCSD Regulation 5141.2.  Students are to report any bullying to the Dean of Students.  Any retaliatory behavior against any student who reports an incident is prohibited.  Students will also be subject to disciplinary action for inappropriate use of social media websites as well as texts or phone calls.





Burkholder Middle School will be strictly enforcing the Clark County School District’s dress code regulation:


CCSD Regulation 5131 Student Attire – The school administration shall have the right to designate which types of dress, fashion, fads, or appearance, disrupt or distract from the educational program and may be a potential safety hazard.


Burkholder Middle School has determined that the following requirements for student dress are conducive to an educational environment and will help to assure student safety. Students are required to adhere to the dress code both during the school day and while participating in all school-sponsored activities. Students shall be required to show proper attention to personal cleanliness. Below are several items that may be in question and whether or not they are allowed. (Exceptions will be made on a school spirit/dress up day.)


Students not abiding by the dress code will be asked to call parents for a change of clothing. If parent cannot make it to school, student will stay in In-House until appropriate clothing arrives. In addition, the Dean will follow these progressive discipline steps:

  • First Referral – Warning / Parent Contact

  • Second Referral – Dean’s Detention

  • Third Referral – In-House Suspension (IHS)

  • Fourth Referral – Required Parent Conference (RPC)

  • Fifth or More Referral – Suspension




We want students to be safe and focused on their education while attending Burkholder Middle School. The Hands-off policy will be strictly enforced. This means that students are not allowed to hit, push, shove, trip, slap, neck, or otherwise strike another student either in play or anger. 



Kissing, hugging, holding hands, or walking arm in arm is not allowed.



 HONOR CODE VIOLATIONS (CHEATING): Honor Code violations are commonly called cheating or plagiarism. Students that violate the Honor Code will face consequences.

First Violation: • The teacher contacts the parent to notify him or her that the Honor Code was violated. • The student receives a zero (no credit) on the work. • Teacher sends a deans referral, indicating that an Honor Code Violation took place, so that the deans can verify that the violation was in fact the students’ first offense. 

Second Violation: • The teacher contacts the parent to notify him or her that the Honor Code was violated. • The student receives a zero (no credit) on the work. • Teacher sends a deans referral, indicating that an Honor Code Violation took place, so that the deans can verify that the violation was in fact the students’ second offense. • Student will be assigned In House Suspension for the offending class period. 

Third Violation: • The teacher contacts the parent to notify him or her that the Honor Code was violated. • The student receives a zero (no credit) on the work. 11 • Teacher sends a deans referral, indicating that an Honor Code Violation took place, so that the deans can verify that the violation was in fact the students’ third offense. • Student will be assigned In House Suspension for a day.  

  Fourth Violation: • The teacher contacts the parent to notify him or her that the Honor Code was violated. • The student receives a zero (no credit) on the work. • Teacher sends a deans referral, indicating that an Honor Code Violation took place, so that the deans can verify that the violation was in fact the students’ Fourth offense. • Student will be assigned In House Suspension for two days. 

Fifth Violation: • The teacher contacts the parent to notify him or her that the Honor Code was violated. • The student receives a zero (no credit) on the work. • Teacher sends a deans referral, indicating that an Honor Code Violation took place, so that the deans can verify that the violation was in fact the students’ Fifth offense. • Student will be placed on an out of school suspension  






Fire drills at regular intervals are required by law and are an important safety precaution.  Exit routes are posted in each room throughout the campus.  It is essential that, when the emergency fire alarm signal is given, everyone obeys and promptly follows the directions of the teacher, to determine if evacuation is needed.  If evacuation is needed, students are to remain outside the building until a signal is given to return by the teacher.  Students are to remain calm in an orderly manner and follow the directions of Clark County School District employees.



Shelter-in-Place drills are necessary to prepare faculty, staff, and students at Burkholder Middle School in the event hazardous material is in the atmosphere.  Students and teachers will be directed to stay in the classroom and follow the district approved procedures for sealing all doorways and ventilation leading to the outside.



Emergency evacuation drills are necessary to prepare our student body in the event that a catastrophe occurs on our campus and the student body would need to evacuate the building.  This important drill will take place to ensure the safety of all students and staff.



The health office is staffed by a part time nurse and full time First Aid Safety Assistant.  Health office personnel are not allowed to diagnose injury or illness or dispense non-prescription drugs such as aspirin.  Every accident or injury occurring during school hours and any athletic injury occurring during a school-sponsored event must be reported immediately to the teacher in charge and to the school health aide.  A student who is too ill to remain in class should request a pass to the health office so those parents may be notified.  If prescription medication must be taken during school hours, students are allowed to self-medicate, however, arrangements must be made with the health aide for dispensing the medication.  Please check with your family physician if you have any questions concerning your child’s health.  It is imperative that current home and emergency phone numbers be on file at all times.  If you change either of these numbers, be sure to notify the registrar or the health office immediately. If we have any doubts as to the seriousness of the injury, parents will be contacted.  In immediate emergencies, 911 will be called and the parent/guardian will be responsible for any charges incurred due to emergency transportation and/or services.




The library is open daily from 7:30 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.  Students are welcome to visit the library before and after school.  A pass is needed to visit the library during lunch times. Students can pick up a pass from the library before school to be able to go to the library at lunch that same day.


Burkholder Middle School is a 1-1 Chromebook school.  The Chromebooks are being aligned with curriculum allowing us to be more current on technology, allowing Burkholder to get ahead of the curve.  Just remember to...

1. Respect each other's property.  Do NOT take or use another student's device without the student's AND the teacher's permission.  

2. Until given permission, your device is off.

3. Your Chromebook is to be used for academic and learning purposes.  Devices must be visible by the teacher at all times. 

4. Everyone needs to use the school's WIFI when using their device. 



Burkholder Middle School will sponsor dances, field trips, assemblies, team activities and other events scheduled by teams, teachers and administrators.  If a student is deemed by the staff to be ineligible due to poor grades, attendance, discipline referrals resulting in IHS, RPC, or SUSPENSION, too many tardies or unpaid fees or fines, the student may not be allowed to participate in extracurricular activities.  Students who are on a zone variance should contact the Dean’s Office for information on eligibility.  Eligibility requirements for sports and other activities use weekly and/or quarterly grades to determine eligibility for participation as determined by district regulations.


CCSD Regulation 5135.1 Absence – Any student absent from class on the day of an activity will not be permitted participation that day or evening unless an excuse has been granted, in advance, by the principal.



Students may ride bicycles, skateboards, or scooters to school. Once the student arrives on campus they walk the bicycle or scooter to the bike rack on the sidewalk.  Students are reminded to follow all bicycle safety rules at all times.  Bicycles are to be locked up at one of the appropriate bike racks as soon as the student arrives on campus.  Riding bikes to school is a privilege which may be taken away when regulations are abused.  Skateboards, scooters, and rollerblades are not to be used anywhere on campus.  Failure to follow the rules may result in the loss of privileges and disciplinary action.




Students are allowed to carry cellular phones on campus. Cell phones may be used before school, after school, and during lunch.  Students must follow the rules below:

  • Cell phone must be turned off during class time and passing periods. Phones may NOT be left on vibrate. (CCSD Policy 5136) 

  • Phones must be stored in a non-visible location. (backpack, locker, purse, pocket)

  • Text messaging is prohibited.

  • Students are never permitted to use the camera function of a cell phone while on campus.

  • Any student found to be using a cell phone or text messaging during class time will have the phone confiscated and a parent or guardian will be required to pick it up in the Dean’s office.

  • If a student abuses the policy more than once, the student may lose the privilege of carrying a cell phone at school.

  • As a condition of possessing a device on campus, the student agrees to a search of the device’s content if reasonable suspicion of violating the cell phone use policy exists.



Burkholder Middle School is a BYOD school.  Students are expected to follow the BYOD rules outlined below.

  • Respect each other’s property. Do NOT use another student’s device without the student’s AND the teacher’s permission.

  • Until given permission, your device is off. 

  • When permission is given, device is on silent mode.

  • Launch your device to approved material that is used for academic and learning purposes. 

  • Device must be visible by the teacher at all times.

  • Students must use the school’s WIFI when using their device, NOT your data plan. 

  • Only students with written permission may use BYOD.



If you need to contact your child, please come to the office and provide identification.  There is no way to verify the legal parent or guardian over the telephone, therefore phone messages cannot be delivered.  If there is a true emergency, please call the counselor.



We welcome and encourage communication between parents and teachers. If you desire to schedule a parent / teacher conference, please call 799-8080.  If you wish to leave a message for a teacher, request homework, or want a progress report, please call 799-8080 and ask for the specific teacher’s voicemail, or you can email teachers directly through the school website: Please check the school website regularly for updated information.  Infinite Campus is an important communication tool to empower students to be responsible and monitor their progress as well as inform parents of their child’s academic and behavior progress. Please check Infinite Campus regularly to keep informed about your child’s performance.  At any time you have a concern, please contact your child’s teacher as the first line of communication.  The teacher will reply back to you within 24 hours or by the next business day. 



The counselor will be a source of a wide variety of information, a helper, a friend, an advocate, and someone in whom a student can confide.  It is best for students to make an appointment to see the counselor, but in emergencies a student may ask their teacher for a pass to the Counselor’s Office.  When counselors wish to see a student, a pass will be sent to the student summoning the student to the office. 



Nuisance items are not allowed at school due to their disruptive nature to the educational process. The following are some examples, but not an exhaustive list, of the items that are not allowed: music players, iPods, electronic games, cameras, sunglasses, permanent ink markers (sharpies), white-out pens or liquid, squirt guns, toys,, sports balls, laser light pens, and Rubik’s cubes. These items will be confiscated and only returned to the parent / guardian. Student will receive progressive discipline consequences if they bring nuisance items to school. Burkholder Middle School takes a zero tolerance approach towards gum and candy on campus.



The only student sales allowed at Burkholder Middle School are those which have been approved by the principal.  Participation in unauthorized sales on campus will result in confiscating the money and product and possible disciplinary action.


JAGUAR STUDENT STORE                                                                                                                           

The Jaguar Student Store is open during lunch.  The store stocks a variety of snacks. The School bank is open before and after school. There you can purchase P.E. clothes, school spirit wear, Be Kind items, replacement agendas, and replacement ID cards.



Students who bring personal musical instruments to campus are responsible for the safety of their own instrument.  The school cannot be responsible for the loss or damage of privately owned instruments.  Students who want use CCSD musical instruments must complete a CCF 793 signed by their parent or guardian. Students must only use the instrument at the direction of the music teacher. Students are responsible for the care of district owned equipment while it is in their possession.



Homework is a tool which reinforces class work through relevant practice and extension.  It allows the opportunity to display responsible behavior and to enrich the conditions by which one learns.  Students will be required to record all assignments in their Burkholder MS agenda to ensure all assignments are completed when due. Teachers will ensure that assignments have been explained in class and are at a level enabling students to work independently.  Teachers will be available to provide students with additional help by prior arrangement, both before and after school hours.  Sixth, seventh, and eighth grade teams will coordinate major assignments such as research papers, projects, and assessments. 



At Burkholder Middle School not only are students allowed to re-take assignments and assessments for full credit; it is mandatory students strive for mastery of all content standards taught. Re-take availability is always at the discretion of the teacher. Student must schedule time with their teacher to review the material before a re-take will be allowed. No re-takes will be allowed during the last week of a grading period.



Due to our policy of handing back all homework, quizzes, and tests in a timely manner; it is the student’s responsibility to save their work. In the event an assignment was turned in and miss-recorded, the student must show proof. There will either be a mark or grade on homework or assessment.  Assignments turned in late after 5 school days will be accepted at the teacher’s discretion and the grade may be reduced up to half credit. The number of missing and late assignments will be used to help determine the student’s Citizenship Mark. Additionally, no late work will be accepted during the last week of the grading period.




All students attending Burkholder Middle School who wish to use a locker will be required to complete a locker application and return it to the Dean’s office with a parent/guardian signature. Students will be given textbooks in their core classes to leave at home for the duration of the school year.  Students will be required to carry an organizational homework binder with the necessary items needed during the school day. Students will be permitted to go to their lockers in the morning before first period, immediately before or after lunch, and after school. Students must carry needed materials with them until the appropriate locker times. Students must adhere to the Burkholder MS locker rules or the locker use privilege may be revoked. Burkholder Middle School is not responsible for items left in the locker. The school administration has a legal right to inspect student lockers at any time or to remove the privilege of using a locker if that privilege is abused.  The school will take all reasonable precautions to insure that the locker is a safe place for your property.  If a theft occurs, the student should notify the Dean’s office promptly.


The school and district are not responsible for the loss or theft of personal property, which is brought to school. The school will assist as much as possible to recover lost or stolen property. We encourage students to leave valuables home and not bring them to school.



Through the direction of the Attorney General of the State of Nevada, school districts have been informed that school lockers remain the property of the school, and the school authorities have a responsibility and a right to examine the contents of those lockers for reasons of health, safety, and security.  Acceptance of a locker on the part of the student is acknowledgment of this privilege retained by the Clark County School District to examine the contents of the locker whenever determined appropriate.



  • Students are only allowed to use the locker that is assigned to them. 

  • Students will not share lockers. 

  • Students will not give the locker combination to anyone.

  • Lockers must be kept in a neat and orderly manner. Fines may be assessed for damage done to the lockers. 

  • Students may only go to their locker before and after school and before and after lunch.  There will be NO PASSES issued to lockers during classes so please plan accordingly.

  • Report any problems with your locker or difficulty opening your locker to a hall monitor or to the Dean’s office.

  • Textbooks that are issued to students and are to be used at home should not be stored in the locker. 

  • Burkholder Middle School is NOT RESPONSIBLE for the loss, theft, or destruction of property in lockers.  Property of the Clark County School District that is lost, stolen, or destroyed through the use of a locker must be paid for by the student.

  • Misuse of the locker can result in the loss of privilege of a locker assignment.





In order to determine if you qualify for transportation, visit: The determination for transportation eligibility occurs through the CCSD transportation department and applications can be completed online or by phone. Any questions regarding bus routes, eligibility for transportation, etc. may be directed to the CCSD Department of Transportation at 799-8100.



The students on the bus are under the immediate supervision of the bus driver and are subject to the rules set by the Clark County Board of School Trustees and the State of Nevada.  Any infraction of these rules by a student will be documented by the bus driver with copies distributed to the Dean of Student and the Clark County School District Transportation Office. The Dean of Students will issue the appropriate progressive discipline to assist students with their behavior on the bus and ensure the safety of all students. The Dean will communicate all disciplinary action regarding the bus to the parents and/or guardians. In order to provide for safety to passengers and effective, efficient use of buses, the following rules of conduct are established:

  • Bus students must stand in an orderly single-file line at pickup points until the bus comes to a complete stop.

  • Students must board the bus in an orderly fashion and go directly to a seat.

  • All students must remain seated while the bus is in motion. Students must remain seated until the bus has fully stopped. Exit through the front exit door only. If student must cross the road, walk forward 10 feet or more, wait for the driver’s signal, then cross when it is safe to do so.



Any distracting action by the student creates a safety hazard by demanding unnecessary attention of the driver.  Such actions are forms of misconduct.  Specifically, loud talking, use of profanity, fighting, throwing things, damaging the bus or bus seats, standing, and eating or drinking are examples of misconduct that will result in disciplinary action.


The school administrator will address bus infractions or misconduct by: conference with the student, the parent/guardian, and appropriate transportation staff as necessary to resolve student conduct problems.  The administrator may designate students as ineligible for transportation services or a period of time, when warranted, and will notify the Transportation Department and the parent or guardian of the action taken.


Continued misconduct may result in permanent loss of bus privileges. Parents will be held responsible for any damage that may result from the student’s misconduct.



Students involved in after school programs, detentions, or who stay after to receive assistance from a teacher are provided transportation home from school if they would normally ride the bus.  Students riding the late bus are to conduct themselves in the same manner expected when riding any school bus in Clark County.  Students must obtain a Late Bus Pass from the advisor of activity or teacher to ride the late bus. Students who loiter after school, go off campus and return, or do not have a pass will not be permitted to ride the bus.




The cafeteria is open each school day at designated times for breakfast and/or lunch. Parents can go directly to to add money to your child’s account.  This site is secure and minimizes the problems of lost cash at school.  You must know your child’s student ID number.  Students will be able to purchase breakfast before school from 7:45 a.m. to 8:05 a.m.  Lunch prices vary from $2.50 to $3.25 per lunch. Students are expected to behave appropriately and cooperate with the following guidelines:

  • Walk safely to and from the cafeteria. Do not run.

  • Sit at a lunch table with your legs under the table and wait to be dismissed to the lunch line.

  • Keep lunch area clutter free.  Backpacks are not permitted in the cafeteria.

  • Keep lunch lines straight to give more passing room to those coming out of the line with food.

  • Stand in line in an orderly manner without giving cuts, saving places for others, buying food for others, or horse play.

  • Eat and drink only in the dining area. No food or drinks are to be taken out of the cafeteria. This includes items purchased from the student store. In addition, no food or drinks are to be consumed in classrooms.

  • Energy drinks are prohibited.

  • Raise your hand and get permission to leave your seat for any reason.

  • Use good manners at all times while in the cafeteria.

  • Clean up their eating area as soon as you are finished eating.

  • Refrain from throwing food or other items in the cafeteria. Students behaving inappropriately will be subject to disciplinary action. 



Any family who qualifies for the federal free or reduced price lunch programs should obtain an application from the registrar or food service manager. Parents can complete the application online at The food service manager manages this program and any questions concerning eligibility or the program may be handled through the food service office. Parents are encouraged to contact their child’s counselor, the school registrar, or the cafeteria manager to inquire about eligibility for this very important program.