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In the Student Success Office (SSO), it is our philosophy that every student has great potential and that potential may only be realized through rigorous instruction and through the social/emotional support systems necessary to help students become self-reliant and self-motivated learners and positive, contributing community members. In the SSO, we are breaking away from the antiquated "discipline" office model, and we embrace the spirit of AB 275 (2017), which provides integrated supports for students and their families.

Would you like to speak with your counselor?

Schedule an appointment with them through email:


Were you absent or are you going to be absent?

Provide a signed letter from your parents no more than 3 school days after an absences to Ms. Deputy. You can email her at: 


Do you need to report an incident to the SSO?


Do you have questions about progressive discipline?


Mrs. Baumgras services students with lastnames A-K

Mrs. Kenyon services students with lastnames L-Z

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