Grade Reporting


Parents and Students should check Infinite Campus regularly and work to maintain no missing assignments. Be sure to check your child’s Infinite Campus account for the accuracy of contact information.


If you have not picked up your Infinite Campus passcode, call the school office: (702) 799-8080


Progress Reports


Progress Reports are given to students for each of their 6 classes on Progress Report Day. This is an indicator of how the student is achieving in each class at the half way point of the quarter. It is the student's responsibility to take the progress report home to their parents and share it with them. 


It is our hope that all students strive to do their best.  If the progress report indicates that the student needs to work harder or complete missing assignments, the student should contact their teacher for help and do their best to bring up their grades or citizenship marks if necessary.


If at any time during the remainder of the quarter, a student becomes in jeopardy of failing, a new progress report will be sent home by the individual teacher.  The student is responsible for sharing the progress report with their parent/guardians.  


2020-2021 Progress Report Days:

Quarter 1 - 

Quarter 2 - 

Quarter 3 - 

Quarter 4 - 


Report Cards


Report Cards are distributed to students on Report Card Day. It is the student's responsibility to take the report card home to share with their parent/guardians. The final report card of the year will be mailed home.  Parents and guardians, please make sure all contact information is accurate in Infinite Campus.


We look forward to honoring our student's achievements on report card day and we hope all of our students are Honor Card recipients!

2020-2021 Report Card Days:

Quarter 1 - 

Quarter 2 / Semester 1 -

Quarter 3 - 

Quarter 4 / Semester 2 -