Burkholder Middle School Student Recognition Program


Quarterly Honor Card Program

Students earning 3.0 GPA per quarter and citizenship grades of S and/or O with no D’s, F’s, U’s or
N’s. Students are identified by color coded paw tokens and stickers that are adhered to their Id
Incentives include:
❖ Quarterly drawings
❖ Early Release to lunch (teacher discretion)
❖ Unlimited use of game area and library access at lunch
❖ Courtyard lunch privileges

Student of the Month Breakfast

Breakfast held monthly for 20 students who demonstrate “PROWL”. Parents are invited to join their
children for breakfast in the cafeteria.

Straight O Quarterly Recognition
❖ Recognition and Celebration

Straight A Quarterly Recognition
❖ Luncheon
❖ Special Lunch Field trip for students receiving “Straight A’s” for the year.

Perfect Attendance Yearly Recognition
❖ Popcorn Treat
❖ Certificates
❖ Drawing
❖ Student Store Treat/Prize

All staff encourage students to exhibit PROWL behavior by rewarding students with  “PROWL” Coupons!

❖ Staff recognizes students exhibiting PROWL behavior. Coupons are redeemed at lunch at the student
store or students can use the pass to the access the game area or grassy play area at lunch!

Grade/Team Reward Celebrations
All teachers encourage students to do their best and reward and celebrate the successes of their
students. Here are some examples of student recognition activities offered by our teachers:
❖ PROWL Coupons
❖ Burger Coupons
❖ Student of the Month Recognition
❖ Field Trips
❖ Field Day Activities
❖ End of the year recognition at the annual Awards Program